Teacher Development…

The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon.


Since 2009 IH San Isidro has been branching out into the local community, inviting the local teaching community to become part of their teaching development program.


On this page you will find some reviews of these events.  Please feel free to add your own comment.

First International House Latin American Regional Workshop

On Saturday 30th October and Sunday 1st November I had the great pleasure to take part in a unique event in our area: The First International House Latin American Regional Workshop held at the brand new premises of International House in San Isidro, a northern district of Greater Buenos Aires. More than 70 teachers gathered for the occasion and were kindly and diligently hosted by the founder and director of IH San Isidro, Celia Walker, who, with the help of her staff, provided a cosy and friendly atmosphere to the delight of all participants.

The roster of presenters included ELT specialists from the United States, Mexico and Uruguay, as well as distinguished teachers from Argentina, most of them native speakers of English.
The range of topics covered in the conference, and the fact that repeats of some of the presentations were run, ensured that everyone in the audience left the conference with a
feeling of achievement (which could easily be perceived by the smile on their faces and their words of gratitude) after having shared two days of intense work and professional development.
Some of the highlights of the conference undoubtedly were:

– Bruce Thompson’s “Literature: The Novel Approach” that richly integrated Literature and CLIL.
– Alastair Grant’s “Who´s afraid of teaching writing?” and his practical down-to-earth ideas on how to make the most of the writing process.

– “Just the two of us” by Rafaela Campo and Maggie Temple, that tackled the often troublesome business of effectively teaching one-to-one lessons.
– The discussion of the applicability of CLIL to different teaching contexts by Pat Villar from IH Montevideo in her “To CLIL or not to CLIL”.

– Emma Cresswell and her very comprehensive (and state-of-the-art!) workshop on the use of the Internet in ELT.
– “Using Authentic Material in the EFL classroom” by Silvana Gimenez Amadeo who provided invaluable tips on how to exploit “real life” materials with students of different ages and different levels of communicative competence.

– Jamie Duncan’s “How students really learn!” who shared his insights on language acquisition and learning from an NLP perspective.

Two other remarkable features of the conference in San Isidro were the not very conventional fact that the speakers made themselves available to the audience at all times, sharing coffee breaks and fruitful informal interaction “outside the lecture hall walls” in all generosity with everyone who approached them, and the superb (and celebrated!) lunch that our hosts offered all attendees on Saturday.

All in all, the First International House Latin American Workshop was a most rewarding and memorable experience which enabled the ELT community in our area to enjoy not only a first rate academic event but also the ineffable hospitality of the hosts. Heartfelt congratulations to International House San Isidro on an impeccable organization!

By Prof. Martín Villarreal


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