Emma Cresswell

How teach pronunciation?  Should we teach pronunciation?  Phonemes, what are phonemes?

Pronunciation has always been a “grey” area.  Some teachers avoid it altogether, presuming/hoping that their students will be able to mimic their accents.  Others go overboard, with the result that their students can write better in phonemes than in proper letters (ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration!)   The point is, pronunciation can be tricky to bring into the classroom.

This session looks at some key areas in teaching pronunciation: phonemes and drilling.  It also raises some questions about what a teacher should know and be prepared to do when it comes to pronunciation.

prǝnʌnsieɪʃǝn  Phonetic text to transcribe (multiple texts)  Phonetic text to transcribe  Quiz on Argentine Spanish  Quiz on Argentine Spanish – key  Food pictures


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