Dealing with vocabulary in the classroom

Dealing with Vocabulary in the classroom

Alastair Grant

“What does xxxx mean?”  “I don’t understand what it says here”  As any teacher can tell you, not a class goes by without someone asking you for the definition of a word.  It could be a word from the text they’re reading in class, or it could be something they saw on TV last night, or that they heard in a song they were listening to on their way to class.

The teacher knowing what the word means isn’t a problem (unless it’s some new fandangled expression which is fashionable amongst teens that particular week), the problem comes in trying to get students to spread their wings a bit more.  How can we make our students autonomous learners, who feel confident enough to understand without running to their dictionary (or teacher) every two minutes?  How do we, as teachers, know what vocabulary to introduce to our students? And when?

This session will answer all those questions, and more!


Nonsense IHWO  Plan  Though the way coursebooks deal with vocabulary varies types of vocab


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