1-to-1 Lessons with Adults

1-to-1 Lessons with Adults

Maggie Healy

Great 1-to-1 classes are all about getting to know your student. From their needs, expectations, background, interests to their attitudes and emotions, each 1-to-1 student is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Assessing students accurately at the outset, tailoring your classes and your style to their needs and continually re-assessing the classes you will be on the road to both successful and enjoyable 1-to-1 lessons. This session examines how best we can assess our student and get to know them and their individual needs. From there we look at ways of overcoming typical problems, getting feedback from the student, managing corrections effectively and improving our style so that the classes are productive and successful.

1to1 New Student Form – 2011-09-19  1to1 ExercisePlanningClasses- 2011-09-14  1to1 PresentationHandout – 2011-09-19  Conversation prompts


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