The Sessions

On this page you will find a list of all the Teacher Development sessions that we currently offer at IH San Isidro, together with some information about what the session entails.

Further to excellent feedback from teachers and authors, we have opened up all the teaching development sessions in this blog and they are now accessible for free.

Some of the comments we have received so far include:

“…good stuff, and very accessible. Seems like you’re doing some great work ‘down there’!”

Scott Thornbury – teacher, teacher-trainer, author

“Nice job on the site. It’s great to get things up and running. It’s looking good and I look forward to following.”

Jamie Keddie – teacher, teacher-trainer, author

“…the blog looks very nice and full of interesting workshop summaries and news.”

Lindsay Clandfield – teacher, teacher-trainer, author

“You seem to be doing a fantastic job, and the sessions look very interesting.”

Tim Julian – teacher, teacher-trainer and Director at IH La Spezia

“I really like the initiative! And the blog looks great!”

Vicky Saumell – teacher, teacher-trainer and author

For further information about the sessions please contact IH San Isidro:

Alastair Grant, Director of Studies & Teacher Development Manager:

Emma Cresswell, Online Services Manager:

International House San Isidro: (0054) 11 4743 2518



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