Speaking activities for teenage students

My Students are Talking in English! Speaking Activities for your Teenage Students.

Alastair Grant

Getting your teenage students to speak in English in class often seems like a minor miracle: it’s seen as hard work and it’s not “cool”. This is a great shame: since the advent of Communicative Language Teaching, speaking has been recognised as the most interactive skill in second language acquisition; and besides, our teenagers chatter away perfectly happily in their L1, don’t they?
See how we can solve these problems and make our teenage students as enthusiastic and comfortable about speaking in English as they are in Castellano.
In this session, we will see an abundance of activities to help develop your teenagers’ speaking, from debates to dating, and from games to gossiping. We will soon have your students enjoying the speaking process and not only speaking in English with you, but between themselves and others both inside and outside the classroom.



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